We have pigs!

Very rainy day for the pigs to arrive in their new home. Hopefully they’ll appreciate the cosiness of their sty – a converted woodshed that Ruby and I spread with straw from our farmer friend. The bright yellow pig feed bucket was ready and waiting, full to the brim with the brassicas that have gone to seed and dandelions that Ruby has helped dig up. Should go down well with their organic pig nuts.  We’ve emptied the last few wheelbarrows of weeds in snack piles in the piggy area ready for them. And we negotiated with Ruby for her old, neglected plastic sandpit to use for their water. Her starting point was “yes, maybe for a hundred pounds” but she settled for a new spade.

We have pigs

The three pigs are Berkshires, all girls from the same litter, and they’re from Carole and David Webb, who have a wonderful nearby smallholding with well-looked after, organically fed rare-breed animals. We’re hoping they’ll act as rotivators on our back garden, be a great focal point for visiting children during the summer, and eventually supply is with a freezer full of great meat. Pork joints, bacon and sausage that we know is from pigs who’ve had plenty of space, the chance to grow slowly and naturally and been fed on organic pig nuts and waste fruit and vegetables from the garden. Well, with a back garden full of thistles and pesky perennial weeds and a family with a liking for chorizo, sausage and bacon, it seemed like a good idea.

Ruby has already spent a lot of time peering in the sty exchanging snorts with them, staying out in the rain while her Dad put extra fencing in (we had a sudden panic when they arrived that the gaps between one bit of electric fencing were too wide). She came in, bringing plenty of mud in with her. In fact, as happy as a pig in…

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