‘Pigs are Snoozing and Lovage is Gigantic…

The pigs are snoozing in the sun, the cow parsley is so pretty in the field next door, my first calendula has flowered and the French beans are starting to peek through the soil.


Everything is so lush and bursting with life from the lemonbalm which is spreading around my raspberries to the gigantic lovage at the back of the herb border.  The Alium purple sensation are slowly revealing tempting little pompoms, keep checking to see if they’re fully open in all their glory yet.  Everything, me included, seems to be loving the sun this week.


Not many vegetables to be picked yet, but there are plenty of herbs (last year’s parsley is still going strong so tabbouleh beckons) and salad leaves. The salad includes fresh new leaves from last year’s beetroot, sorrel, rocket and the striking magenta leaves of red orache which has liberally self-seeded around the garden. Guy says he would need some sort of gps system to track down a bowl of salad.

And even though I may not be quite at harvest stage yet, the ridged up charlotte potatoes, pea shoots snaking up their sticks and thriving broad beans (do you like the lovely pink flowers on the variety I’m growing this year?) are filling my head full of the summery meals I’m going to enjoy picking, cooking and eating.


All jobs in the house are totally neglected. Housework and work on the laptop can wait when there’s the lovely novelty of sun on my back while planting. And picnics in village playgrounds….

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