Three Greedy Pigs and a Smelly Car

When I have a barrow load of weeds during one of the dusk gardening sessions I’m addicted to, it’s so satisfying to throw the lot into the three greedy pigs and see them devour all those pesky perennials. And there’s no shortage of dandelions and squitch grass in our garden, so the pigs don’t have to worry about their evening snacks.

may30-1We’re also so lucky to have plenty of veggies to add to their organic pignuts. Obviously any brassicas that have gone to seed in the garden are never going to be wasted. But the real veggie bulk comes from a great local farm. They have a wonderful fruit and veg shop in Chipping Campden, where you get great friendly service and plenty of vegetables grown locally. Their own-grown asparagus is currently delicious, some of the freshest picked you’re going to find. As I don’t yet have an asparagus bed (next year!) I’m  enjoying theirs.

Anyway, luckily for me, the farm is regularly filling a bin with any of their leftover veg that doesn’t make it to the shop. Lucky pigs too. And another great way of preventing waste.

Today though, I filled the boot of my car with veg and continued on my way with Ruby to play in a friends’ garden, knowing that on the way back I’d be rushing for both Ruby’s and the piggies’ teatime. In the mix of veggies very generously donated was quite a large amount of cabbage leaves. As I parked my car in the sun, I did pause for a moment to wonder if this was a good idea. But we were soon in a sunny orchard, both Ruby and I preoccupied with chat and play with our friends.

When we came to leave, I happily offered lifts to two of Ruby’s friends. It was only when I opened the door to let the girls in that I realised it wasn’t going to be an exactly fragrant journey for them. We had the windows down all the way, but there was no escaping the reek of cabbage.

Our smelly journey reminded me how much my life has changed in the last 5 years. Even  when I was a suit-wearing commuter earning good bonuses (rather than a very happy Mum with little disposable income but well-fed pigs) I was a bit of an oddity though. While my colleagues discussed their status symbol cars, I was more excited by my latest batch of sloe gin. But even then, I’m not sure I thought I’d be the one driving the car that stunk of cabbage.

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1 thought on “Three Greedy Pigs and a Smelly Car

  1. Love this! I’m really enjoying reading through your blog… and I can just picture you driving with a carful of kids and smelly cabbage leaves, giggles and laughter all the way.

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