Jubilee weekend and four days to play…

Jubilee 1This weekend I’ve been:

Loving the Cotswold Olimpicks at Chipping Campden on Friday night. Sport of shin-kicking eccentric/barbaric, bumping into friends while wandering around is great, torchlit procession snaking down Dover’s hill at the end is magical.

Cooking lots of pancakes for late breakfasts.  Savoury sourdough ones particularly yummy.

Enjoying dipping into Scuttlebrook in Campden on Saturday – Ruby dressed as a Dalmatian taking in all the wonderful fancy dress floats (complete with plenty of vintage tractors), bands, fair, takeaway chips with lots of ketchup.Jubilee 2

Planting out some of my brassicas. Guy made fabulously rustic structures of willow he’d coppiced to protect my purple sprouting and red ruben sprouts from pigeons.

Making coronation chicken rolls and proper English trifle (my Mum’s recipe) for the picnic we shared with friends at the Campden street party.

Enjoying the cosiness of watching telly on a rainy afternoon with the woodburner lit. Very convenient to have a wonderful spectacle on the Thames to watch.

Planting Rudolf red radish with Ruby. Not sure which of is most excited about their red noses making an appearance.

Jubilee 3Deciding fish-finger sandwiches with home-made bread (an easy overnight dough I leave on the bedroom window sill) is the perfect rainy weekend lunch.

Realising how difficult sack-racing is when I came last in the Mum’s race in a big tent at Ilmington village. I blame it on the wellies! Or maybe the fish-finger sandwiches.

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