As happy as pigs in…

I am all for cosy rainy afternoons watching films with homemade popcorn or even rainy walks that make you appreciate a hot chocolate in a warm kitchen, but I’m starting to think there’s been quite enough rain for July.

Happy as Pigs 1

The combination of continuous rain and determined rooters has resulted in the muddiest mud I’ve ever seen in the pigs’ area. When I go in to feed them, I’m constantly in danger of landing flat on my back, it’s so slippery! And I’m so used to regularly having a bit of mud on my legs, I’m hardly aware of it these days.

Happy as Pigs 2

Already aware that mud is the word far more likely to be associated with my legs than glamour, I had a firm reminder recently. Taking Ruby to her Friday afternoon gymnastics class, we arrived just slightly late as usual, after feeding the pigs. I soon settled into the lovely late Friday afternoon wind down for the weekend mode. It’s so relaxing sitting on a school hall bench, watching the children for a whole hour and chatting to the other Mums. Impossible to do any work or chores, just look forward to the weekend.

Happy as Pigs 4

Admiring the new haircut and natural looking spray tan that one of my friends had treated herself to ready for her birthday party, I suddenly noticed with horror my own bare limbs. Brown too, but because of the generous amount of pig mud splattered over them of course. A little reminder of our different lifestyles!

Happy as Pigs 3

I’m very comfortable with my muddy lifestyle of course. But not quite as happy with the real squelchy nature of the mud in our garden as the three not-quite-so-little piggies. Given any brief interlude of sun they adore wallowing in the stuff. And the rain’s made the soil so incredibly soft that they can get their snouts down to an incredible depth when they’re rooting. Treating themselves to all sorts of edible goodies. As happy as pigs in…

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