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I gave Ruby a heart shaped lavender bag this morning. It was made from sari material I bought years ago in Kerala, filled with dried lavender, and hand-sewn by me in a truly appalling manner. When I attempted to make lavender bags last time and left one lying around, a visitor to our house saw it and said, “How lovely, did Ruby make it?”

Ruby was absolutely delighted with it.  Her reaction reminded me of how, tone deaf as I am, I enjoyed the brief time (when she was VERY little) and loved me singing to her. It didn’t last long. She looks at me in horror when I sing to babies or toddlers now.

I wonder how long it will be until she realises how rubbish I really am at sewing? Must enjoy her pleasure in the things I make her and make with her in the meantime!

Very keen to use the rest of the dried lavender in making lavender bath oil next week – it’s our half term.  And more lavender bags would actually be useful amongst our clothes as we do get lots of moths in our house.

If you want to know how to make lavender bags properly, SouleMama has some lovely ideas on how to make them with children, including using ink stamps on linen bags.

And Ruby decided on the fairy dress for her school Valentine’s disco this evening. Well, afternoon. Of course she is the only one with a social occasion to dress up for today. Although I’ve now been volunteered as a helper at the disco and there’s been talk of disco gear. Better clean up my best wellies.

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1 thought on “lavender hearts

  1. Love the material. I managed to sew one lavender heart on a sewing machine. Since then I gave the machine as a permanent loan to my friend – I am hopeless without expert supervision 😉 You looked fab in your disco gear!

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